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I's been a while...

I've been busy (well, busiER) Started a Nail Technician course with Essential Nails!
I love it, the nail art courses are great! Fun and the fab part about it is at the end of the course
after submitting your nails, you get assessed and if you did a great job you get a certificate (fully recognized by BGT)! It's not one of those silly online schools where all you do is answer multiple question sheets and submit paperwork, with EN it's all practical! Practice, practice, practice!!!! The designs aren't easy but not impossible either... they make you sweat! But it's really rewarding when you get it perfect! :)
Here are some of my first attempts!!!
I'm doing the Acrylic Art Master course (Kirsty Meakin)

I bought the course about a week ago and got a 50£ voucher along with it, to spend on the website, so I'm making a list of extra materials I want, or maybe even save it towards my next course, I will see. :)

Ok, so that's what I'm on at the moment, I will keep …

A big thanks to...

A Huge E-hug for Carrie from giving me this award Stylish Blogger Award
Thank you so much for the award Carrie!
Make sure to check out her blog,
The Fashion Spot

The rules are: 1. Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them 2. Share 7 things about yourself 3. Award it to recently discovered bloggers 4. Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award 7 Things about me: 1. My favorite color is green.
2. I have a beautiful baby girl and a very lovable hubby. 3. I recently started liking Indian food A LOT. . 4. I work from home (online). 5. I love music. 6. I live in Scotland. 7. I love art, makeup and nails.
Now I have to give this award to another blogger, but ... I dunno who yet!! So will let you know soon who I pick, I need to love your blog so if you'd like an award please link me your blog!

I will post the winning blogs as soon as I decide!!

Thanks again Carrie!! xx

Nail It!

Aaahhhh.... yes. Went crazy the other day at the drugstore... Couldn't help myself.
So just a few lines of what I bought, what I think and lots of pictures!

My new collection, I only just recently discovered Barry M. as I'm not from the UK, only been here for about 3 years, almost... Anyway. This is what I got:318 - Peach Melba309 - Strawberry Ice Cream272 - Shocking Pink307 - Lemon Ice Cream317 - Blue Moon314 - Pink Nail Effects311 - Black Nail EffectsAnd HERE are a couple of ways I've used them so far:

Barry M. Strawberry Ice Cream base and Pink Nail Effects.

Black - 21 base (Claire's) & Barry M. Pink Nail Effects

Barry M. Shocking pink & Black Nail Effects
Index finger: Barry M. Lemon Ice Cream base & Pink Nail Effects
Other fingers: Barry M. Lemon I/C base & Black N/E

And I also purchased lipstick from Barry M. One that I saw and found very interesting on the Barry M. website
"Depending on the alkali level of your lips…


YAY! I've been finally spring cleaning my house and found loads of stuff I didn't even know I HAD! Things I've bought but haven't even used... yes... I am such a compulsive hoarder... but hey, it's time to move on and SELL SELL SELL!!!!

A couple of months ago I bought these neon pink converse low-tops and stupidly got the wrong size! I'm still not used to UK shoe sizes, I'm an 8, and 8 is a UK size 5, but got all confused and bought a UK size 6, which is a 9... :'( So they are too big for me... So!!!! they could be yours, Im selling them for £15 only because I threw the box away... I hate empty boxes... I've NEVER worn them, they are brand new... I've only tried them on once...

(Neon Pink All Star Converse UK size 6 - New without box - £15)


(Ann Summers Tickle My Fancy Cami SET - UK Size 14)
(New unused, in original packaging - £12 )

The only reason I'm selling this is because I already have a set, the same one... Why the hell do I have 2 …

the miraculous PLAYPEN

Buying a playpen has always been an option to me but has also been a topic for debate between me and hubby. At first he was quite against the idea of "putting our beloved daughter in a cage" (yes, he used the word "cage") but after reasoning with him for a couple of days, the idea kind of grew on him finally making him more eager to getting one that I was!
I'm really not sure why people are so against playpens for their young ones, they are built for protecting your kids and giving you some time to actually DO stuff around the house without worrying that your lil' princess/prince would face any sort of danger, because, come on, seriously, no matter how much you BABY PROOF your house they ALWAYS manage to find something hazardous that you never even imagined could be harmful or even found! Hell! maybe you didn't even know it was there! you can see here, it's pretty spacious, bright-happy colored, comes with a soft padded mat, toys sold separat…

Thank heavens for faux nails...

So yes, let's carry on talking about nails, I mean, we all love manies and pedies don't we... So I got me a box of Nailene 200 and tried them for at least a week before I posted anything on here, and I gotta say I am quite impressed and pretty much already in love... I've had falsies before and they just felt awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, you could feel the aliens on your fingers... eww... twas just horrible.
I have a thing where I absolutely HATE my feet being touched, being too warm, being too cold, hurt, uncomfortable...etc... so having alien nails on my toes was just EWW! I normally keep my toenails short because like I said before my feet need to be comfy. I'm not gonna say which faux nails were the evil bastards, but I will talk about the ones that made my toes happy and beautiful!

Nailene 200... for £8 you can't complain, they look so real, they stay put for a WEEK... and they are absolutely comfortable, you'll forget that they're …

Hello everybody... Let's start with nails...

So, I decided to share my boredom with all of you, boredom and new hobby/vice whatever you make-up/fashion geeks call it out there... I've been wanting to start writing about something people would actually like reading about and THIS is what I came up with...

Well, let's say that was pretty much my intro to this blog, so let's start, remember this is an OPEN blog, I made it so that everyone can have their say and add in things whenever they like or tried something new in the make-up world...

So, THIS is my new discovery... The BARRY M. instant effects (black)! So...basically you paint
over your favorite nail polish base and it gives a crackly effect in whatever color you chose... I can't wait to get the silver one!

At first, when I coated my red polished nails with the black instant effects B.M I thought... my nails look as if I stuck them somewhere I shouldn't have. And you have to take into account that they do not leave a glossy finish, its actually quite matty... …