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the miraculous PLAYPEN

Buying a playpen has always been an option to me but has also been a topic for debate between me and hubby. At first he was quite against the idea of "putting our beloved daughter in a cage" (yes, he used the word "cage") but after reasoning with him for a couple of days, the idea kind of grew on him finally making him more eager to getting one that I was!
I'm really not sure why people are so against playpens for their young ones, they are built for protecting your kids and giving you some time to actually DO stuff around the house without worrying that your lil' princess/prince would face any sort of danger, because, come on, seriously, no matter how much you BABY PROOF your house they ALWAYS manage to find something hazardous that you never even imagined could be harmful or even found! Hell! maybe you didn't even know it was there! you can see here, it's pretty spacious, bright-happy colored, comes with a soft padded mat, toys sold separately and hubby is mine (not for sale, sorry). Anywhoz... it does what it says on the box, keeps your loved ones safely put and there's enough room for all their goodies, toys, stuffies, pillows, blankies...etc.
So, the cool thing is that it comes apart and you can use it as a room divider! So your lil' boo-boo has more room to crawl-cruise around! (wall brackets sold separately).

Well, I'm so very happy with my latest purchase and so is my princess as now she has her own designated space where she can leave all her toys around without mommy complaining about the mess!

What are your opinions on a playpen? Would you get one?

Playpen (green fabric)


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