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Monday, 27 June 2011

Thank heavens for faux nails...

So yes, let's carry on talking about nails, I mean, we all love manies and pedies don't we... So I got me a box of Nailene 200 and tried them for at least a week before I posted anything on here, and I gotta say I am quite impressed and pretty much already in love... I've had falsies before and they just felt awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, you could feel the aliens on your fingers... eww... twas just horrible.
I have a thing where I absolutely HATE my feet being touched, being too warm, being too cold, hurt, uncomfortable...etc... so having alien nails on my toes was just EWW! I normally keep my toenails short because like I said before my feet need to be comfy. I'm not gonna say which faux nails were the evil bastards, but I will talk about the ones that made my toes happy and beautiful!

Nailene 200... for £8 you can't complain, they look so real, they stay put for a WEEK... and they are absolutely comfortable, you'll forget that they're falsies until they actually fall off. The nail polish no matter how cheap it does not chip off and they are super flexible! What more can I say??? I'm in love.

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